Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Athletics Research Guide: Books

Essential library research sources for study in health and wellness, physical education, and exercise science courses. #hpera

How to Get a Book

Usually, it's simple.

  1. Look up the title, author, or subject in WorldCat Local
  2. Find and write down the Call Number
  3. Go to the appropriate floor, get the book, and check it out at Circulation on the 1st floor.

But what if the NEIU Library doesn't have the book you need?

First, check to see if the book is held by other I-Share libraries. Click the blue Borrow 1st Available button and follow the instructions.

If the book is not available in I-Share, use ILLiad Interlibrary Loan to request the book.

Look up Quick Facts in Our EBooks

The Library subscribes to many dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other reference sources online. These will give you quick, basic facts about a subject or term you don't know much about. Try:

Visit this database to search all titles as once:

Searching for a Book When You Know the Title

In this video you will learn how to search for books, articles, and more when you know the title of what you're looking for.

Length: 55 seconds Level: Beginner

Identifying the Call Number to Locate the Book

Click on the link to get printable instructions. You will learn how to read call numbers so that you can find books and other materials in the library.

Browsing the Shelves

For the most part, books about topics in health, wellness, physical education, or exercise science will be in either the GVs or scattered within the Qs and Rs.

Call numbers starting with GV are on the 1st Floor of the library. Call numbers starting with Q or R are on the 4th Floor of the library.

Call numbers starting with REF GV, REF Q_ and REF R_ are on the 1st Floor.

  • Recreation. Leisure (GV1 - 1860)
    • Recreation leadership. Administration of recreation services (GV181.35 - 181.6)
    • Recreational areas and facilities. Recreation centers (GV182 - 182.5)
    • Outdoor life. Outdoor recreation (GV191.2 - 200.66)
    • Physical education and training (GV201 - 555)
    • Sports (GV557 - 1198.995)
    • Games and amusements (GV1199 - 1570)
    • Dancing (GV1580 - 1799.4)
    • Circuses, spectacles, etc. (GV1800 - 1860)
  • Human anatomy (QM1 - 695)
  • Physiology (QP1 - 981)
  • Public aspects of medicine (RA1 - 1270)
    • Health status indicators. Medical statistics and surveys (RA407 - 409.5)
    • Epidemics. Epidemiology. Quarantine. Disinfection (RA648.5 - 767)
    • Personal health and hygiene (including clothing, bathing, exercise, travel, nutrition, sleep, sex hygiene) (RA773 - 788)
  • Internal medicine (RC31 - 1245)
    • Nutritional diseases. Deficiency diseases (RC620 - 627)
    • Diseases of the circulatory (Cardiovascular) system (RC666 - 701)
    • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (RC925 - 935)
    • Sports medicine (RC1200 - 1245)
  • Orthopedic surgery (RD701 - 811)
    • Physical rehabilitation (RD792 - 811)
  • Therapeutics. Pharmacology (RM1 - 950)
    • Physical medicine. Physical therapy (RM695 - 893)
    • Rehabilitation therapy (RM930 - 931)
    • Rehabilitation technology (RM950)

Find Your Instructor's Materials on Reserve

Did your instructor tell you to read something "on reserve" at the Library? Find it in Course Reserves.

Print materials can be picked up at the 1st floor circulation desk. Just give them the call number and inform the desk attendant that it is on reserve for your professor.

What's New in HPERA

Here are some new items in the NEIU Library collection.