Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Athletics Research Guide: Videos

Essential library research sources for study in health and wellness, physical education, and exercise science courses. #hpera

Video Tutorials

The Ronald Williams Library offers a number of brief, informative videos on using the Library. View the complete list or try out one of these below:

How is the library organized?

From this video, you will be able to describe how the NEIU library is organized and browse the collection to find books on a topic, and understand that you can get access to materials at other academic libraries.

Length: 1:38

How is the library organized video

How do I search in a database?

In this video, you will learn how to create and use keywords based on your research topic to search in an academic database.

Length: 1:28

How to Search in a Database Video

Now Available through an NEIU Library Subscription

Also try...

Many health-related videos are available in other collections offered by the Library. View all of our video databases to find more titles, such as:

Videos From Health-Related Organizations